Guarantee statement for Catalytic Converters

LRT Automotive GmbH warrants the function and service life of the catalytic converter for 5 years without mileage limitation from the date of installation, provided that with proof of correct installation and adjustment to the engine. The catalytic converter can be installed by a specialist workshop with the assembly parts included in the delivery. The invoice of the specialist workshop is valid as proof of the installation date.

There is no warranty if modifications have been made to the catalytic converter during installation, if the vehicle manufacturer has used unapproved fuel, or if mechanical effects of force have been discovered. Likewise, there is no claim to warranty if the installation has been carried out improperly.

The warranty gives the vehicle owner a replacement delivery, including the installation costs, if the date of installation is not more than two years at the time the warranty claim is registered. Otherwise the warranty justifies the delivery of a replacement catalytic converter including a kit.

The warranty claims of the vehicle owner towards the workshop that installed the catalytic converter or the parts dealer from whom the vehicle owner purchased the catalytic converter are not restricted by this guarantee.