LRT - History

  • 1998 Founding of LRT: Sales of US car catalysts in the German market

  • 1999Build up our own catalytic converter production in Walldorf/Baden

  • 2000 Conversion of the entire delivery program EURO2/D3/D4 - Upgrade catalytic converters:
    by far the largest upgrade program in the German Aftermarket;
    LRT becomes GVA member
    LRT becomes a TecDoc Data Supplier.

  • 2001 Establishment of a qualified sales organization;
    Roll Out of our pre catalytic converter program;
    First attempts to cast exhaust manifolds and to machine them mechanically
    LRT becomes ISO9001-Certified.

  • 2002 The economic crisis hits the whole industry; LRT is not spared;
    At the end of 2002, LRT launched its first program for cast exhaust manifolds

  • 2003 The cast iron exhaust manifold program is technically improved and greatly expanded.
    It is unrivaled and very successful.
    Ground-breaking ceremony for a new production hall and a new administrative building

  • 2004 Moving to the new buildings during production and optimizing all business processes;
    For the first time all exhaust manifolds are delivered with installation kit.
    First participation in the Automechanika

  • 2005 Economically most successful year in the history of LRT

  • 2006 Relocation of foundry orders abroad for cost reasons

  • 2007 Complete revision of the catalytic converter program;
    Exhaust Manifold catalytic converters are delivered for the first time

  • 2008 Expansion of pipe processing; Expansion of the machine park
    First delivery of bends and half shell casings

  • 2009 Reorganization of business processes
    Improvement and extension of customer service

  • 2010 Introduction of a new Sales management system;
    Retailer Webshop Productive;
    First EDI connection from customer

  • 2012 First and so far only program for EURO5 exchange catalysts
    Expansion of customer training

  • 2013 222/5000 active participation in the adoption of the "Blue Angel" eco-label for replacement catalytic converters
    Production conversion of EURO4 and EURO5 catalysts to the
    Requirements of the "Blue Angel"